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Aerospace and Defense Industry Overview

The Aerospace and Defense industry is marching towards innovation to develop new technologies and solutions, expand growth opportunities, and create new markets. Rapid evolution and commercialization of new technologies and processes is helping improve efficiencies by reducing costs.

Digitalization is crucial for this industry to stay agile in a shifting business environment. Digitizing operations involves applying technology by linking all aspects of aerospace, defense, airports, and space services. Advancements in technologies such as rapid prototyping and space services should drive the growth of the space industry.

This industry experienced increased public pressure, especially in commercial aerospace, to implement environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices and promote a significant shift toward lowering carbon emissions. The industry players are focusing on technological improvements to develop new systems and alternatives to fuel to reduce carbon emissions.

Innovation and Research & Development is at the core of this industry. Our market-leading data and reports provide actionable and customized solutions to stakeholders across the value chain within this industry.

Aerospace and Defense Industry Analytics

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Aerospace and Defense Industry Reports

Report Name CAGR (%) Forecast Year Revenue ($ million) Published Date
Aeroengine Fan Blades Market 5.3 6680 May 2020
Active Noise and Vibration Control System Market 7 4064.08 July 2020
Aerospace Fiber Optic Cables Market 4.3 1967 June 2023
Decoy Flares Market 14.4 1379.7 October 2020
Aerospace & Defense Power Connectors Market 5.3 1213.33 May 2020