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Construction and Real Estate Industry Overview

Manufacturing sector continues to serve as one of the fundamental pillars boosting economies in various countries. In the last decade, the adoption of several innovative approaches revolutionized this sector. Despite negative impacts of various global economic and financial events, technological advancements such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), analytics, and automation have led the manufacturing sector toward revolutionary transformation.

Moreover, the swift upgrading of capabilities of industrial machinery, systems, and equipment has led to improvements in workplace conditions. Government and regulatory bodies continuously focus on introducing improved policies, guidelines, and standards for workers; they encourage employers to adopt safety standards and automation, among others, for the same.

Presently, a significantly large number of market players provide an extensive portfolio of standardized as well as highly customized business offerings. As a result, the manufacturing industry can be broadly categorized into general engineering equipment & machinery, HVAC systems, industrial machinery, OEMs & manufacturing equipment, inspection & certifications, marine & shipbuilding, metals & mining, and safety equipment-based industry verticals.

Construction and Real Estate Industry Analytics

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Construction and Real Estate Industry Reports

Report Name CAGR (%) Forecast Year Revenue ($ million) Published Date
Industrial Machinery Market 5.3 84340 May 2020
Filling Equipment Market 2.4 8870 November 2020
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Market 4.2 8550 June 2020
Conveyor System Market 5.5 7940 January 2023
Pipe Relining Market 4.6 7780 March 2022