Bioprocess Technology

Bioprocess Technology Market – The Advantages of Our Report in this Competitive Landscape

Bioprocess technology is a critical part of biotechnology that deals with processes combining living matter or its components with nutrients that produce specialty chemicals, reagents, and biotherapeutics. Different stages associated with bioprocess technology involve substrates and media preparation, biocatalyst selection and optimization, volume production, downstream processing, purification, and final processing. Bioprocess technology is widely used, […]

Cardiac Microcatheter
Medical Device

Cardiac Microcatheter Market Report – A Closer Look at the Competition

Microcatheter is defined as a small diameter catheter that is used in minimally invasive procedures for delivering devices. Its small build makes it ideal for navigating complex vasculature within the human body. It is used for guidewire support, exchanges, to access distal anatomy, cross lesions, deliver therapeutic embolic, inject contrast media, and perform other procedures […]

Organ Preservation Solution Market

Organ Preservation Solution Market Scope 2028 – Growth Trends in Biotechnology Industry

Organ preservation solutions are used to protect organs prior to transplantation because organs in the outer environment often collapse once removed from the human body. Organ conservation plans are implemented to save and maintain the value of organs for future applications such as transplantation and research. The development of organ preservation technologies is expected to […]

Lyophilization Services for Biopharmaceuticals Market

Lyophilization Services for Biopharmaceuticals Market 2023-2028: The Future in Pharmaceuticals Industry

Lyophilization involves freeze drying of products. In pharmaceutical industries this process is widely used to increase the self-life of antibiotics, vaccines, and protein-based drugs. Biopharmaceutical companies are using lyophilization services to keep APIs and drugs sterile. Increasing good manufacturing practices are increasing demand of lyophilization services. PCI Pharma Solutions and Curia Global Inc – Notable […]

Drug Delivery Market

Drug Delivery Market – Mapping the Growth Trends & Competitive Strategy

Drug delivery are various methodologies used to inject drugs or chemicals into the body. Some of the drug delivery available in the market include, transmucosal, oral, pulmonary, injectable, topical, nasal, implantable, and ocular, among others. Drug delivery comprises of technologies primarily used for the controlled or targeted delivery of various therapeutic agents to treat various […]

Clinical Trial Imaging Market

Clinical Trial Imaging Industry – A Look at the Competitive Landscape

Clinical trial imaging is a key asset in the drug development process as it offers efficacy evaluation and safety monitoring data required in clinical trials for regulatory submission. Additionally, imaging offers insights into the drug mechanism of action (MOA) and drug effects that assist researchers in making scientific decisions. For example, in late-phase trials, medical […]

The Insight Partners
Electronics and Semiconductor

Electronic Contract Assembly: A Guide to Streamlining Your Business Processes

Electronic contract assembly plays a crucial role in the manufacturing and assembly of electronic components and systems. The companies specialized in electronic contract assembly provide a range of services, including surface mount technology (SMT) assembly, through-hole assembly, cable and wire harness assembly, electromechanical assembly, system integration, testing and inspection, and final product packaging. The market […]

Chemicals and Materials

Carbon Nanotubes Market -The Power of Carbon Nanotubes in Drug Delivery and Therapy

Carbon nanotubes are carbon nanostructures with characteristic electrochemical and mechanical properties such as low density, high strength and rigidity, high heat conductivity, and electrical conductivity. The recent advancement in drug delivery and cancer treatment involves the utilization of nanocarriers, such as CNTs, solid lipid nano-capsules, magnetic nanoparticles, gold nanoparticles, and liposomes to transport anticancer drugs, […]