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Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Market: Current Trends and Future Outlook

In battery energy storage systems, lithium-ion batteries are getting traction effectively. It caters to residential, commercial & industrial, and utility industries. Expanding infrastructure projects and the transportation sector’s growth will encourage prominent companies to tap markets. Stakeholders are poised to boost the battery energy storage market growth due to investments in solar power and wind […]

Maritime Analytics Market
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The Future of Large Generators: Advancements and Innovations in the Market

A generator is a machine that helps to supply electrical power during a power outage, thus helping to prevent discontinuity or disruption in any business operations. It comprises various components such as an engine, alternator, fuel system, voltage regulator, cooling and exhaust systems, and control panel. Also, large generators allow businesses to conduct their operations […]

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Wind Turbine Components Market to 2028 : Rising Demand for Floating Wind Technology

The global wind turbine components market includes companies operating in a wide range of product portfolio. Each category has some well-established key players and owing to different markets in which they operate and compete it is not feasible to determine key five players in the overall wind turbine components market. However, based on parameters such […]

Plastic to Fuel Market
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Plastic to Fuel Market rising with CAGR of 15.8% from 2022 to 2028.

Plastic waste has been banned from landfills in developed nations, particularly in Europe, to recover and recycle plastic waste. In 2016, ten European Union nations enacted legislation prohibiting the disposal of plastic waste in landfills. Following the introduction of the ban, these nations saw a considerable increase in the rate of plastic recovery. The disposal […]

Oilfield Service Market
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Oilfield Service Market Shares overview with CAGR of 6.1% from 2021 to 2028.

Baker Hughes Company; Halliburton Energy Services, Inc; Schlumberger Limited; NOV Inc; and Weatherford are the five key market players operating in the global Oilfield Service market. PetroDyn; Archer; Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc; Wireline Services Group; and Hunting are few other notable players that are profiled in this market study. In addition to these players, multiple other […]