Functional Food Market
Food and Beverages

Functional Food Market – Strategic Indulgence to Modified Food Sustainability

The functional food market is driven by the multivariate health benefits they have due to the rich number of micronutrients and minerals. Their vitality in disease prevention is responsible for skyrocketing demand. Apart from fruits and veggies, fermented food is considered functional. High probiotic content in these supports immune function. Food is a significant way […]


Tremendous Growth in E-Learning Drives Online Exam Proctoring Market Growth

Online learning is a cost-effective way for students to access education and training, and an effective way to deliver for the education providers. With more and more learners shifting towards online courses and learning, and high internet penetration, e-learning is growing rapidly. E-learning is broadly used in higher education institutions and corporations; it is also […]


Growing Adoption of Learning Management Systems Boost The Demand For Lecture Capture System Market

A lecture capture system enables the user to record video presentations, manage video files, and stream video content to any device. The lecture capture system provides various advantages such as audio and video recording of lectures that enable students to access course materials outside the classroom. Growing trends of a flipped classroom enable students studying […]


Travel and Expense Management Software Market Emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to Drive

Many companies are expanding internationally, resulting in a rise in business travelers, further triggering the volume of travel and related expenses. However, the risk of fraud and human errors restricts the ease and effectiveness of auditing travel and expense reports, which creates the demand for effective software solutions to manage these expenses. Thus, the growing […]

Manufacturing and Construction

Mobile Water Treatment Market Increasing Demand for Water Purification in Industries

Mobile water treatment systems help in treating surface water and groundwater while saving transportation cost. It is also used for sewage or industrial wastewater management. Alternatively, they are known as on-demand water treatment systems. As industrial wastewater is laced with toxic and chemical waste, it is imperative to purify before discharging into water bodies. The […]

Electronics and Semiconductor

Factory Automation Market: Rising Adoption of Factory Automation Across Automotive Industry

Factory automation involves a set of technologies and control devices that enhance the productivity and quality of the product while decreasing the overall production cost. It regulates industrial components and guarantees consistent, superior-quality results, which helped it gain high demand in various industries, such as automotive, oil and gas, manufacturing, and mining, for qualitative manufacturing. […]


Membrane Separation Systems Market: Extensive Use in Wastewater Treatment Industry

Membrane separation systems uses membrane to separate the components in a solution by rejecting unwanted substances and allowing the others to pass through the membrane. Membrane-based technology covers all engineering approaches for the transport of substances between two fractions with the help of semi-permeable membranes. Clean water is essential for the survival of every living […]