29.2% Global CAGR for Malware Analysis Market to achieve US$ 24.8 Bn by 2027


The advanced technology is growing at a rapid pace owing to the surge in demand from a wide range of sectors. The evolving cyber-attacks have significantly increased, and the organizations are making significant investments in cyber-security solutions. The increasing vulnerabilities, advancements in digital transformation, and others are making a substantial impact on the malware analysis market. The cyberattackers are finding new ways of attacking systems by enhancing their attack capabilities, resulting in increased sophistication of malware attacks, which is a crucial factor driving the malware analysis market.

Various regulatory bodies are playing a pivotal role and are positively impacting market growth. Regulatory bodies impacting the market growth are European Telecommunications Standards Institute, New Zealand’s Telecommunications Interception Capability, and Security Act, Department of Telecommunications and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Singapore Personal Data Protection Commission, Australian Regulatory Body, and others.

Developing countries in the APAC are expected to project a huge market opportunity for malware analysis vendors. Further, the presence of a huge number of telecom service providers, coupled with their network expansion, is the key factor in driving the market growth. However, countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia are making huge investments in cyber-security solutions and are expected to impact market growth during the forecast period.

The malware market landscape has developed in correspondence with software as well as emerging technologies, adopting new strategies and techniques from industry into their design standards and aiming new platforms as they offer a lucrative opportunity for cyber-attackers.

The vendors are highly focused on improving its services and attracting new customers. Strategies such as partnership and product innovation are being witnessed in the market. The high competition in the market is expected to lead to innovations in terms of technology and will drive the market significantly during the forecast period. Few on the important developments from the industry are mentioned below:




Qualys, Inc. announced its new Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response (VMDR) app. It helps organizations to strengthen their security posture by offering a complete VM workflow.


CrowdStrike launched CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection Complete. It is a turnkey solution that combines Falcon Endpoint Protection technology with Falcon Endpoint Protection Team.


Trend Micro Incorporated strengthened its portfolio with the release of Trend Micro Security for 2018. Its latest version integrates Trend Micro’s XGen security, with machine learning that provides multi-layered protection.


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