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5.2% Global CAGR for Electronic Filter Market to achieve US$ 19.13 Bn by 2027


Electronic filters are widely used in radios, receivers, transmitters, telephone systems, audio systems, and others. Some of the common industries where these filters are employed include electronic products, medical, industrial, research & development, military, and aerospace among others. The simple structure, high reliability, and low cost are some of the common advantages of electronic filters which make them an ideal solution for eliminating unwanted frequencies and noise in audio electronics and radio communications applications. Low pass filters are the most commonly used electronic filters. The growing telecommunications industry worldwide with increasing penetration of LTE networks and 5G trials is driving the demand for efficient electronic filters.  The above-mentioned factors would support towards the growth of electronic filter market.

BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH, Captor Corporation, CD Automation UK Ltd, CIRCUTOR, SA, Cosel Europe GmbH, and Mini-Circuits are other notable players in the electronic filter market ecosystem that are profiled in this report. In addition to these 10 players, multiple other leading global and regional market players, emerging companies, market disruptors and niche market players were studied and analyzed during the course of this study.

Market leaders are involved in taking up various market initiatives such as geographical expansion, product innovations by implementing advanced technologies, partnerships, contracts, joint ventures, funding, and inaugurating new offices across the world to maintain brand name globally. For instance, in 2020, ABB’s ACQ580 range of variable speed drives now include now includes an ultra-low harmonic (ULH) version. The new drive includes an active supply unit and integrated low harmonic line filter which can reduce the harmonic content down to 3% of total distortion. In respect to steps, an other initiative has been undertaken in 2020. Cosel announced the expansion of its distribution network in South Africa with the addition of Vepac Electronics. Vepac Electronics is expected to support the company to achieve a significant market share. These strategies help the companies to remain competitive in the electronic filter market.

Many well-known, as well as small regional and local companies, are present in the global electronic filter market to provide electronic filter products to their customers. The larger firms are adopting the strategy of partnerships, contractual alliances to enhance their customer portfolio and expand their footprint in different geographies. Some of the market initiatives from the industry are mentioned below:





BLOCK expanded with the opening of the new sister company, BLOCK Austria GmbH. The company now has 7 subsidiaries worldwide, and the expansion would enable the company to better serve the local customers.



Schneider Electric launched AccuSine PCSn Active Harmonic filter, which is based on AccuSine+ platform and is designed to mitigate harmonics and reduce voltage fluctuations.



AVX Corporation showcased its portfolio of high-frequency, high-performance passive components for microwave and RF applications across consumer, automotive, telecommunications, military, and aerospace market segments.

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