6.2% Global CAGR for Home Diagnostics for Urinary Tract Infection Market to achieve US$ 1,354.02 million by 2027

i-Health, Inc. (AZO)and F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG (Roche Holding AG) – Major PlayersHome Diagnostics for Urinary Tract Infection Market

The urinary tract infection (UTI) is more common among women than in men. The UTI is easy to cure; however, the untreated UTI may lead to a severe health condition. Therefore, there are various diagnostics kits available in the market for UTI. Several diagnostics kits are sold over the counter. The UTI diagnostics works similar to the pregnancy kits; they have a strip, which is held in urine stream for a few seconds or dipping into a sample in a clean cup. The rising cases of UTI are increasing demand for the home diagnostics kits. In addition, the awareness regarding kits is likely to influence market growth in the emerging regions.

Market leaders operating in the market have undertaken various organic growth strategies in the home diagnostics for urinary tract infection market. The home diagnostics for urinary tract infection market majorly consists of the players such as i-Health, Inc (AZO), F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG (Roche Holding AG), Acon Laboratories, Inc., Becton Dickinson and Company, Arkray Inc., BTNX Inc, Abbott Laboratories, AytuBioScience, Inc. (Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc), Teco Diagnostics, and Atlas Medical amongst others. Several organic approaches, such as product launches, and expansion/relocation in the home diagnostics for urinary tract infection market, have resulted in the positive growth of the market. Product launches help the company to strengthen its product offering and the customer base, which allows the company to hold a strong position in the market. Similarly, utilizing expansion activities, it is easy to venture into untapped economies and use the opportunities being offered.

Below is the list of the growth strategies done by the players operating in the home diagnostics for urinary tract infection market:

Year News
Nov-2017 Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced entering into an agreement with ACON Laboratories, Inc to launch UTI strips under the brand name UriVarx. The company has aimed to launch this product in the first quarter of 2018.
Sep-2017 Teco Diagnostics announced it has received FDA 510(k) approval to market its UTI test strips as an OTC in-vitro diagnostics kit.
Jul-2016 i-Health, Inc.launched AZO Urinary Tract Defense. Newly launched drug is an over-the-counter drug and offers significant benefit during the treatment of urinary tract infection.



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