Active Noise and Vibration Control System Market Review: Studying Competitive Intelligence with Impact of COVID-19 by 2027


The global active noise and vibration control system market has been showcasing an upward trend since the past couple of years and is anticipated to reflect a similar trend during the forecast period. The growth of the active noise and vibration control system market is majorly attributed to significant investments in advanced technologies in the aerospace, defense, railway, manufacturing, and energy & power industries. The commercial aviation industry has grown immensely over the past few decades; moreover, the rate of technological transformation has been outstanding, which has stimulated the demand for various products and services. The anti-vibration and sound control systems overcome the challenges faced by their predecessors, and they have showcased significantly benefited various industries; these factors are boosting the commercial aviation industry, which is driving the active noise and vibration control system market. In addition, the global active noise and vibration control system market marks the presence of a large number of well-established players and emerging companies supporting its growth. The constant need of active noise and vibration control systems from aircraft and aircraft component manufacturers plays a vital role in the growth of the market.

The active noise and vibration control systems players operate in a highly fragmented and competitive marketplace. As leading companies in this market continue to broaden their addressable market by expanding current offerings and diversifying client base, all the prominent players face an increasing level of competition, both from startups as well as the established companies. Several companies in the value chain are acquiring other players in the market to maintain their position and provide efficient services to customers. Major active noise and vibration control system providers are based in North America. However, the market penetration rate is high growth in APAC. Governments of the Asian countries are taking several initiatives to bolster the railway sector in the respective countries. The ongoing railway projects demand active noise and vibrations control systems to be integrate into rails. Indian Railways is considered to be the fourth-largest network in the world and is robustly seeking huge investments from private firms to operate passenger trains. The Ministry of Railways announced its plan to run passenger trains across 109 origin-destination routes through 151 trains, and for this, the government has asked private companies to submit their layout plans. The project is anticipated to have an investment of ~US$ 4 billion, thus creating a massive opportunities for active noise and vibration control system providers to develop and offer efficient products as well as solutions to these projects. A few more of such railway projects are Western and Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridors in India, Bangkok Red Line in Thailand, Yinxi High-Speed Railway in China, and Sydney Metro West in Australia.

The key companies profiled in the active noise and vibration control system market include FABREEKA, Honeywell International Inc., HUTCHINSON, Terma A/S, Moog Inc., Parker Hannifin, FaureciaCreo AB, Supashock, Trelleborg AB, and VICODA GmbH. Several other players are also functioning in the market worldwide, contributing significant revenue shares year on year.

Most of the market initiatives have been observed to be focused on Europe and APAC, which hold high potential for active noise and vibration control system manufacturer. A few of the important market initiatives and product developments from the industry players are mentioned below:

Year News Country
2019 Trelleborg announce its expansion in India by opening new manufacturing unit for significantly boosting anti-vibration solutions production capabilities in the country. APAC
2019 Faurecia announced that it has received the funding from Vinnova for developing innovative and advanced methods for controlling of low-frequency noise in vehicles. Europe
2019 Creo Dynamics announced that its majority stakes has been acquired by Faurecia, to combine the company’s competence in automotive active noise control and acoustics with Faurecia and develop unique new solutions to the market. Europe

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