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Blood Bank Information Systems Market COVID-19 Impact : Global Analysis

Blood bank information systems are software that manages the workflow of blood banks. The software looks after blood supply chains, donor and transfusion information, and another administrative workflow. The system helps store vast data related to patients, blood donors, and supply chain that is difficult for a person to manage through paper works.

Cerner Corporation and Allscripts Healthcare, LLC – Notable Market Players in Blood Bank Information Systems Market

The blood bank information systems market is majorly comprised of top players involving Hemosoft, Cerner Corporation, Allscripts Healthcare, LLC, Haemonetics Corporation, Integrated Medical Systems, Soft Computer Consultants, Inc., IT Synergistics, Pysche Systems Corporation, Wellsky, and Sunquest Information Systems, Inc.

The companies listed above are implementing various strategies that have resulted in the growth of the company and in turn, have brought about various changes in the worldwide market. Additionally, the companies have adopted several inorganic and organic strategies for accelerating their growth and improving their market position.

Below is the list of the growth strategies done by the players operating in the blood bank information systems market:

Year News
Apr-2021 Cerner Corporation, a global healthcare technology company, announced the acquisition of Kantar Health, a division of Kantar Group, for $375 million in cash, subject to adjustment. Kantar Health’s rich life sciences expertise will be combined with Cerner’s robust collection of real-world data (RWD) and technology and is expected to accelerate innovation in life sciences research and improve patient outcomes worldwide..
Sep-2021 Allscripts is pleased to have been selected as one of Eastern Health’s innovation partners. As a result, Allscripts and Eastern Health have partnered to advance health-care services and programs while maximizing health system efficiencies and general economic development in Newfoundland and Labrador. The goal of this partnership is to improve health care and better serve its patients and their family members.



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