E-learning Market: Changing the Landscape of Education Industry in this Era of COVID-19

Technological advances in the fields of computers, mobiles, and IT have greatly revolutionized the education sector. The education system has moved from paper books and pencils into E-solutions. Over the last ten years, the e-learning market has emerged and is now increasing than ever before. With private and public higher education institutions, educational and testing firms, education ministries, and quality assertion and authorization agencies, the number of players in this market is escalating too. Also, the provision of enhanced flexibility among e-learning services offers the e-learning service providers new opportunities. E-learning enables educational institutions to reduce learning costs, equipment for the classroom, rentals for online training sites, and book printing. Mobile learning, micro-learning, social learning, and corporate MOOCs are the emerging trends that boost e-learning market revenue in Singapore. The growing demand from diverse end-user sectors, such as healthcare, to train their employees is driving demand from industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has further driven demand among students and corporates in the sector for e-learning solutions.

Inchone Pte Ltd., Gem Learning, Wizlearn Technologies, Xiamen Phoenix OneSoft CO., LTD., Gnowbe Group Ltd. – PROMINENT MARKET PARTICIPANTS IN E-LEARNING MARKET

Inchone Pte Ltd., Gem Learning, Wizlearn Technologies, Xiamen Phoenix OneSoft CO., LTD., Gnowbe Group Ltd. are some of the key market players operating in the Singapore e-learning market. The listing of key players is derived by considering multiple factors such as overall revenue, current e-learning product portfolio, geographical reach, new product launches, market initiatives, investment in technology upgradation, mergers & acquisitions and other market related activities. There are various other notable players in the global e-learning market ecosystem such as Antoree Pte. Ltd., Coursepad Pte Ltd., KooBits Learning Pte Ltd., Kydon, and Marshall Cavendish Education, which are profiled in this report. In 2020, KooBits Learning Pte Ltd launched ‘Live Tutoring’, an AI-enabled online live tutoring service and ‘Home-Based Learning’, an online mathematics learning platform. This is the first official launch of KooBits e-learning products and solutions to the consumer market, offering to children and parents across households in Singapore and beyond.

Few of the important market initiatives and product developments from the industry are mentioned below:

Year News
2020 Kydon Holdings Pte. Ltd. and MQ Spectrum Pte Ltd (MQ) jointly declared that it has reached a definitive agreement for MQ Spectrum Pte. Ltd. to join as part of Kydon group of companies. MQ was established in 2009 and is a Singapore technology company known for providing secure, enterprise level technologies and learning management systems (LMS) to corporate and government sectors.
2020 Marshall Cavendish Education announced that they are now an Authorized Microsoft in Education Global Training Program Partner. This is an assurance of the quality and relevance of the training programmes that have been offering to schools and educators globally since 2006.
2019 Gnowbe formed a partnership with Stephenson Mansell Group (SMG) to increase its global footprint. As per the partnership, SMG would use the Gnowbe platform to enhance the experience for their clients.
2018 Gnowbe launched a mobile micro-learning library of more than 60 Micro-Learning Courses in collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic, one of Singapore’s top higher learning institutes to meet the learning and up-skilling demands of busy professionals.


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