microbial air sampler market

Microbial Air Sampler Market Global Analysis and Forecast to 2028

A microbial air sampler is a device for examining microbiological particles in the air or in a controlled environment. This microbial air sampler works by forcing air into or onto a collection media for a specific period. The obtained culture is then incubated, and the presence of the microbe in the air is assessed qualitatively and quantitatively. It can be used for microbiological air examination during microbiological contamination inspections indoors in all rooms, in clean rooms in the pharmaceutical sector, and in hygienically sensitive production areas and equipment in the food industry.

BIOMéRIEUX SA and Microbiology International— Notable Market Players in Microbial Air Sampler Market.

Leading players operating in the microbial air sampler market adopt various growth strategies, such as product launches, approvals, partnerships, and business planning. These strategies help them expand their business in the global market Cherwell Laboratories are among leading companies operating in the market.

Companies such as Aerosol Devices Inc., have been implementing strategies that have propelled the growth of the company, which, in turn, these strategies drive the market growth.

A few growth strategies done by the players operating in the healthcare satellite connectivity market are listed below:


Month and Year Description
Apr-2021 Cherwell Laboratories, a leader in cleanroom microbiology solutions, announced the addition of new models to Pinpoint Scientific’s ImpactAir line of microbial air monitors.
Aug-2020 The Warehouse Business Accelerator assisted the company’s leadership team in identifying funding sources to support the development of additional types of devices and new commercial markets, as well as scaling methods to meet the growing demand for their technology.
Feb-2020 Cherwell’s SAS Tri-Clover Isolator Head is the newest addition to their microbiological air sampler line. The unit was created to make installation of restricted-access barrier systems (RABs) and filling lines more easier.


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