Transplant Diagnostics Market

Transplant Diagnostics Market is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 7.9% from 2019-2027

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd – Notable Market Players in Transplant Diagnostics Market

The players in the Transplant Diagnostics Market are adopting various inorganic as well as organic growth strategies for their individual growth and thus enabling growth of the overall market. The vital players in the transplant diagnostics devices market focus on various growth strategies to strengthen their presence and garner major market share across the globe. Some of the notable players in the global transplant diagnostics market include, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Abbott, Illumina, Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., bioMérieux SA, QIAGEN, Hologic Inc., Luminex Corporation, and Omixon Inc. Major market players within the recent years, have been observed to invest a substantial amount towards the development of new products. This implies a bright picture on the type of strategies majorly incorporated by the market players to sustain their positions as well as to generate increased growth revenue in the transplant diagnostics market. The global leaders in the market have also been adopting product launches and product up-gradation as one of the key strategy to improve its product lines in order to build up a customer centric benefits to its end users and enhance its geographic diversification.

The global Transplant Diagnostics Market leaders have introduced also innovative products in the market, which have enabled them to hold a better position in the market. For instance, during April, 2018, QIAGEN announced European launch of QIAstat-Dx. This launch has helped the company hold a better position as well as have a strong customer base in the European region. In addition, Omixon Inc, obtained CE certification for its Holotype HLA v2 products. These growth strategies adopted by the company help in increasing the penetration of transplant diagnostics market even in emerging markets.

Apart from the developments for the Transplant Diagnostics Market players are have been involved in inorganic strategies such as partnerships, which has helped the company expand its global presence to a large extend. For instance, in November, 2018, Omixon and Alliance Global FZ-LLC entered into a distribution agreement to supply its products across regions such as, Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. Since these regions offer significant growth opportunities, the growth activity can be highly beneficial to the company’s growth compared to other players operating in the Transplant Diagnostics Market.

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  1. The Transplant Diagnostic segment can be differentiated into Molecular Assay technology and Non-Molecular Assay technology when it comes to technology. Application for these testing are limited to diagnostics and research means. While transplant diagnostics can be levied to a heavier set of transplants such as Stem cell, Soft tissue and Solid organ transportation. The client base includes but is not limited to Research laboratories, Academics institutions, Hospitals and transplantations centers.

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