6.8% Global CAGR for Tea Extract Market to achieve US$ 4,500.7 Mn by 2027


Tea extracts are defined as the concentrated form of tea and is extracted from black tea, green tea, and oolong tea, among others. Tea extracts such as green tea is rich in antioxidants and helps reducing heart related diseases. Tea extracts are used in numerous food and beverages, cosmetic, pharmaceutical applications to enhance the nutritional value of the products. On the basis of source, the tea extracts market is segmented into black tea, green tea, oolong tea and others. On the basis of application, the tea extracts market is segmented into food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. On the basis of nnature the tea extract is segmented into organic, and conventional. On the basis of form it is segmented into power and liquid.

The health benefits related to the tea extract is exhibits anti-oxidants, anti-allergic, anti-viral and anti-spasmodic properties owing to which it is widely preferable by consumers. The black tea helps to lower the incidence of several diseases such as neurological disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and others and also ensures oral health. The conventional farming for the tea extract is one of the most practiced farming methods which involves use of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemical compounds to cultivate the crop. The conventional form of farming technique is widely adopted among the farmers in order to obtain higher yield and availability of product at low cost. The liquid form of tea extracts is an aqueous solution of tea extracts as a concentrated product. The powdered form of tea extracts is mixed along with water along with several preservatives to form aqueous tea concentrates. This concentrates can then be used in several application bases such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other end-uses. Tea extracts are added in various beverages so as improve the taste, flavor, and nutritional profile of the beverage. Recent product innovations in the beverages have led to the introduction of many new products and flavors in beverages, which in turn is boosting the tea extracts market for beverages. The trend towards a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention are some of the major leading to high demand for tea extracts beverages.

The increasing health concerns and shift towards health benefits among consumers and the growing demand for tea extracts from food, beverages and pharmaceutical industries are some of the major factors which is driving the market. However, the availability of substitutes for the tea extract in the developed and the developing countries such as coffee extract and plant extracts may hamper the growth of the tea extract market at a global level. Nevertheless, the increasing use of tea extracts in in a wide range of applications such as cosmetic is providing an opportunity to the major global tea extract market players. ADM WILD Europe GmbH & Co.KG, Martin Bauer Group, Goodricke Group Limited, Allen Flavors Inc. are some of the major players operating in the global tea extract market.

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