Cervical Retractors Market

8.4% CAGR, Cervical Retractors Market is Emerging with Transverse Retractors and Longitudinal Retractors by 2028


Cervical Retractor Systems are used during surgical procedures for soft tissue retraction in anterior cervical discectomy and fusion procedures. A cervical Retractor helps surgeons for easy and secure access to the cervical spine and prevent interference of soft tissues while operating the cervical spine. The high soft-tissue complication rates after anterior cervical surgery led to the development of the novel design of retractors. Many cervical retraction systems use arms with mechanical joints fixed to a table-mounted frame to allow adjustability and independent relaxation.

A few of the most notable companies occupying a considerable share of the market are Aesculap Implant Systems, LLC, TeDan Surgical Innovations, Medfix International, LLC, Globus Medical, Inc., NSI Health Systems, Thompson Surgical, Novo Surgical, Inc., Life Spine, Rudolf Storz GmbH.

Market leaders are involved in partnerships, product launches, acquisitions, and other strategies to improve their performance and consolidate the market position. For instance, in October 2020 NSI Health Systems, LLC  has entered into a formal distribution agreement with Imedcare Australia to officially launch their full product line.

Globus Medical, Inc and. Aesculap Implant Systems, LLC.Notable Participants in Cervical Retractors Market

Prominent players in the cervical retractors market are focusing on organic strategies such as product launches, product approvals, and geographic and manufacturing expansions. These strategies help them strengthen their market positions, along with allowing them to broaden their geographic footprints. Additionally, various companies are undertaking acquisitions to garner their significance and remain competitive in the market. A few of the vital developments in the cervical retractors market are mentioned below:





4WEB Medical, announced at the North American Spine Society (NASS) Annual Meeting that the company has entered into an exclusive partnership with both TeDan Surgical Innovations and Lattus Spine, LLC to market a turnkey, best in class, Total Lateral Solution.




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