6.3% Global CAGR for Drain Cleaning Equipment Market Market to achieve US$ 2.92 Bn by 2027

Aussie Pumps, Duracable Manufacturing, Flowplant Group Limited, Gorlitz Sewer and Drain Inc., Ridgid, and Spartan Tools – PROMINENT MARKET PARTICIPANTS IN DRAIN CLEANING EQUIPMENT MARKET

A poorly implemented, as well as maintained sewage infrastructure, could have a profound negative impact on the quality of health and wellness of individuals within the cities, especially densely populated metro cities. In addition to this, the lack of efficient waste management and collection could lead to numerous infections, diseases, and harmful components affecting the individual and compromising public safety. As a result, various government and non-government agencies have educated the masses towards the significance of efficient management waste as well as maintenance of sewerage infrastructure across commercial and residential units. For this, the government of various economies is investing heavily in developing new sewage infrastructure as well as for the up-gradation of the old sewage infrastructure. For instance, China aims to spend about US$ 850 Bn on rural water projects, an additional fund of US$ 200 Bn is allotted for a range of cleanup projects in China. Also, The Sedibeng Regional Sewer Scheme launched in 2015 by the South African government. The scheme is focused on the development of the sewer system in the region to prevent discharge of raw sewage; however, simultaneously developing skills for the citizens in the region. Thus, the favorable investment towards the maintenance of aging drain systems by various municipal authorities and supporting government policies are expected to have a positive influence over the market and subsequently drive the market growth during the coming years.

Globally, the drain cleaning equipment market is heavily fragmented, with a substantial number of regional market players with limited business offerings and customer base. However, a selected number of market manufacturers dominate the global market with their strong brand recognition and competitive positioning. Factors such as low entry barriers, a notable number of market players, and competitively priced products have attributed to high market competition across the price-sensitive Asian market. Whereas, among developed economies such as the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, and Japan, the market is primarily dominated by a selected number of recognized and well-positioning market players that offer number market-related offerings. Presently, numerous market players that are operating in the global drain cleaning equipment market provide a wide range of products such as hand tools, pushrod cameras, locating equipment, jetters, rodders, flexible shaft machine, and continuous cable machine among other products that have application across drain cleaning activities.

Some of the key companies considered in this research are RIDGID, Spartan Tools, Gorlitz Sewer & Drain, Inc., Aussie Pumps, Goodway Technologies, and Nilfisk among others. Few of the important market initiatives and product developments from the industry are mentioned below:





Aussie Pumps expands its jetters offerings by including Aussi Cobra Class A jetters  under its famous Cobra Jetters available for retailers and are free from RTO requirements



General Wire Spring has introduced its new Gen-Eye USB video inspection system, which enable the user to record videos and photos on popular USB flash drives

North America


FloPlant introduced its Harben Century Pumps that are specially designed for cleaning probe applications.

North America


Ridge introduced SeeSnake CS12x Digital Recording Monitor for streaming and recording inspections

North America

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