Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems: An Overview of the Market

By | March 13, 2023

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) is a security technology used to detect and prevent shoplifting in retail stores. Electronic article surveillance consists of electronic tags or labels attached to merchandise and sensors that are placed at store exits. An electronic article surveillance system is designed to detect unpaid items in consumers’ pockets or bags before they exit the store. Electronic article surveillance typically consists of two components: the EAS antennas and EAS tags or labels. EAS antennas are commonly installed at store entrances, and EAS tags and labels are attached to the merchandise to be protected. EAS antennas send and listen to signals at a specific frequency, usually within a range of six to eight feet. When an EAS tag or label passes between the antennas, it is detected, and the store alarm is activated. Electronic article surveillance systems are the most efficient and cost-effective way to protect stores, retail outlets, and office space from theft.

Sensormatic; Checkpoint Systems; ALL-TAG; Agon Systems; Checkpoint Systems –Prominent Market Participants In Electronic Article Surveillance Market

The growth of the electronic article surveillances market in Asia Pacific is attributed to the presence of large number of supermarkets operating in the region. According to Bscholarly LLC in January 2023, 7-Eleven supermarket has more than 21,800 outlets in alone APAC compared to more than 46,000 outlets in total. Further, according to Red Hat, Inc. in July 2020, there is rising adoption of technologies across APAC which is transforming the region digitally and making it modern by simplifying business processes. This digitization is contributing to the modernization of region’s retail industry. Many companies are introducing solutions to increase the security and for better inventory management. For instance, Infotek Software & Systems (P) Limited, an Indian RFID Solutions provider company, provides RFID item level identification and tagging solution. In addition, ATSS, an EAS system provider, provides anti-theft tags & labels, and detachers to manage the inventory efficiently & reduce retail traffic. Thus, presence of such solutions from key players in the Asia Pacific region is fueling the demand for electronic article surveillances which is driving the market growth.

The top five companies in the electronic article surveillance market are Sensormatic; Checkpoint Systems; ALL-TAG; Agon Systems; and Checkpoint Systems. The above listing of key players is derived by considering multiple factors such as overall market insights, dynamic trends, revenue, current general aviation portfolio, new product launches, market initiatives, investment in technology up-gradation, mergers & acquisitions, and other joint activities. A few of the important market initiatives and product developments from the industry are mentioned below:

Year News Region
2022 Securitas Electronic Security, Inc has announced a strategic partnership with Nedap to provide retail, RFID, and cloud-based loss prevention solutions. This partnership expanded the SES offering to include Nedap’s retail offerings focusing on inventory visibility and seamless shopping experiences, including the EAS system. Europe
2022 Telefonica Ingenieria de Seguridad, the Telefonica group company pioneer in comprehensive technological security, has partnered with the multinational Checkpoint system, a world leader in anti-theft and RFID solutions, for its continuos innovations and development of solution that help commercial establishment reduce theft. North America
2020 Avery Dennison Launched Dual-Tech Inlay with Impinj MR6-P and EAS. Impinj partner Avery Dennison released an inlay combining the Impinj MR6-P chip with an Electronic Article Surveillance tag in one new retail-optimized die-cut label. North America

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