Facades market

Facade Market Is Estimated To Reach US$ 197.3 Billion By 2025

Huge investments towards the development of building infrastructures for energy efficiency and aesthetic beauty enhancement purposes to drive the Facade Market

The claddings of a building are one of the most complex and expressive feature of any building design. Façade is said to be one of the elegant components of the building and has a highly important role to play for energy reduction, natural lighting, and enhancing the airflow inside a building. Over the last few years, Facade have gained wider importance, and architects have been building projects with cladding systems incorporated into their designs. The choice of material to be used for faced construction is an extremely critical aspect for the architect as it has direct impact on the structure lighting, heating, and ventilation. The factors that need to be considered before choosing the material for Facade include water-resistant, energy efficiency, versatility, aesthetics & texture, eco-friendly, durability, and cost.

Globalization and expansion of geographical reach in the Facade market is a challenge for the market players as it requires good knowledge of the climatic conditions, consumer preferences, Government policies, and the construction industry of the particular region. Initiatives to support the tourism industry have resulted in wider adoptions of Facade into the commercial buildings. Further, the regulatory mandates by the Government on enhancing the energy efficiencies of the large commercial, residential, as well as industrial buildings is also having a positive impact on the Facade market.

While the Facade are majorly adopted by the commercial sector for beautification and energy savings purposes, their advantages have been realized by the industrial as well as the residential sector as well. In the last few years, residential buildings have intensified the installations of Facade onto the buildings. Further, in the wake of several fire related incidents, most of the countries in the world have legislated installation of fire-safe façades in the building exterior.

The advanced countries of the world from North America and Europe are observed to be the pioneers in the installations of Facade whereas the Facade Market is gathering pace in the developing countries of South East Asia. Various fire-safety norms are also impacting the market, and governing changes in the raw materials being used for Facade. The rapid industrialization in the developing economies also results in rapid infrastructural developments which further impacts on the take up for Facade. Also, it provides huge opportunities for the Facade Market players to tap upon the presented opportunity in the areas where large constructions are taking place.

MEA is expected to be the fastest growing region in the installations of Facade. The major reason for this is the Government policies encouraging the tourism industry and thus wider installations in the commercial buildings in the region. UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, are some of the important countries in Middle East that comprise of large commercial buildings that present potentials for growing Facade Market. Geographically, North America will have the largest share in the Facade market by 2025, owing to rapid technological developments, numerous investments and supportive Government policies in the western part of the world.

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