Kitchen Countertop market

Kitchen Countertop Market is Expected to Reach US$ 135.47 Bn by 2025

Kitchen countertop is majorly used in residential kitchens and there are wide range of material choices are available in the market. The different types of materials used for countertops are granite, solid surface, quartz, marble, laminates, ceramic slab, wood, concrete, and stainless. Granite is the highly adopted material for countertops which adds elegance to the kitchen. Granite has a greater availability as compared to other countertop materials along with increased number of fabricators globally. Moreover, granite is affordable and provide luxurious look to the different types of kitchen. Owing to the aforementioned factors, granite is the dominant materials used for the design of kitchen countertops. Along with this, quartz is expected to gain traction in coming years which are considered more adaptable and better-performing substitute for granite and marble. The benefits associated with the use of quartz is easy to maintain, resistant to stain, impervious to acid & heat, and it can be custom-fabricated into any size & shape.

The Kitchen Countertop market has witnessed various makeovers over the years. This has led several manufacturers to innovated and develop robust and attractive products to meet the demands. For instance, over the past few year, the Kitchen Countertop players were over pressurized with the demand for granite kitchen countertop owing to the low cost of the materials, and availability of different colors. However, the material has several disadvantages such as less eco-friendly, high maintenance and les durable. These disadvantages of granite have compelled the end users to shift towards advanced and engineered material Quartz. The advanced material overcome the disadvantages of granite, and thus Quartz is increasingly gaining prominence.

Quartz offers the homeowners and commercial kitchen owners to customize the design as the selection procedure of Quartz material is much easier as compared to granite. Since Quartz is an engineered material, the countertops are much more environment friendly and thus, consumers worldwide are increasingly purchasing quartz countertops as compared to granite kitchen countertops in the present Kitchen Countertop scenario. In terms of maintenance, Quartz is less costly and allows the end users to clean the surface with the help of soap and water. Unlike granite, Quartz is resistant to oil stains, which reduces the option for acid cleaning, thereby, minimizing the cost incurred in resealing of the surface. The rising number of commercial infrastructures and residential constructions coupled with these performance benefits are impacting positively on the growth of Kitchen Countertop in the current market scenario. Thus, the consumer preference towards Quartz kitchen countertops is substantially driving the global kitchen countertop market and the same is foreseen to fuel the revenue growth in kitchen countertop market during the forecast period.

The modern construction technologies are also more inclined towards the use of technologically enhanced, lightweight, aesthetically improvised, and durable material. Thus, surge in residential projects & investment and acceptance of modern housing materials are boosting the growth for kitchen countertop market. Additionally, several technologies based organizations are working closely with various physical product based companies. One of the major trends prevailing among the homeowners and hotels, restaurants & hospitals owners in developed countries and few developing regions across the globe to modify their kitchen with advanced and smart technologies. Several companies in different regions are working alongside various kitchen countertop manufacturers to equip their smart technologies with lightweight countertops for kitchens. The innovation of smart kitchen using lightweight kitchen countertop materials is gaining attraction and thus, the fueling both, Kitchen Countertop for smart technologies as well as kitchen countertops.

The leading manufacturers of kitchen countertop on a global Kitchen Countertop market perspective includes Quarella, Cosentino S.A., Caeserstone Ltd., Laminam SpA, Pokarna Limited, Vicostone, Cambria Co., Aro Granite Industries Ltd., Asian Granito India Ltd., LG Hausys, Ltd., Neolith, Sapienstone, Florim Stone, Tile & Stone Works, and Strasser Stein among others.

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