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About Us

The Insight Partners is a one stop industry research provider of actionable intelligence. We help our clients in getting solutions to their research requirements through our wide range of research services. We specialize in industries such as Semiconductor and Electronics, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Transportation, Biotechnology, Healthcare IT, Manufacturing and Construction, Medical Device, Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Chemicals and Materials.

Our rapid research solutions help clients in getting quick solutions without burning much of their approved budgets. We work with agile research approach to meet specific client requirements in short turnaround time, our domain expertise, reports repository, databases, integrated with project management skills makes it different from the rest!

  • Smaller Turnaround Time

    We have expertise in delivering custom/rapid research solutions in shortest turnaround time

  • Value for Money

    You pay for what you need as we confine the scope to meet your exact requirements, unlike buying report with large scope

  • Broad Expertize and Good Quality Standards

    Delivering high quality projects across various industries

Project Planning

  • Rapid Research Process Requirement Gathering
  • Feasibility Check
  • Define Scope
  • Scheduling and Work Plan
  • Milestones and Discussions
  • Data Compilation and Reporting
  • Project Delivery (Excel, PDF, and PPT Formats)
  • Post Purchase Support (24/5)

Data Sources

  • Government/Association Information
  • Company Websites
  • Databases and Report Repository
  • Press Releases/News
  • Primary Research/Executive Interviews


Market Size Estimates and Forecasts

Understand market potential and growth pockets

Recent trends & developments

Assessing the latest market trends and developments of companies that identifies the leaders and laggards

Porter Analysis

Highlight five competitive forces that help determines the strategy in the business

Competitive Benchmarking

Key player’s analysis and benchmarking the competitive nature on market initiatives, products/services, key developments, market positioning/rankings

Trade Analysis

Analyzing top importing and exporting countries

Patent Analysis

Listing and analysis of patents with respect to year, country inventor and company

Company Report

Rapid Research - $250
Detailed Research - $500

Country Report

Rapid Research - $600
Standard Research - $1200
Detailed Research - $2200

Industry Report

Rapid Research - $700
Standard Research - $2500
Detailed Research - $3900

Company Report

Rapid Research Detailed Research
2-3 working days 3-5 working days
Company Overview Company Overview
Key Products Key Products
Key Developments Key Developments
Company Address Company Address
Financials (only for Public Companies) Financials (only for Public Companies)
  SWOT Analysis
  Management Bios (only for Public Companies)

Country Report

Rapid Research Standard Research Detailed Research
3-5 working days 7-8 working days 15-18 working days
Key Takeaways Key Takeaways Key Takeaways
Porters Five Forces Analysis Porters Five Forces Analysis Porters Five Forces Analysis
Market Drivers Market Drivers Market Dynamics
Market Restraints Market Restraints Market Restraints
Market Opportunities Market Opportunities Market Opportunities
Future Trends Future Trends Future Trends
  Market Value by Segments Market Value by Segments
  Value Chain Analysis Value Chain Analysis
    Company Profiles
    Competitive Landscape

Why Choose Us?

We provide best in class customer service and our customer support team is always available to help you on your research queries. We also offer enterpise subscriptions which provide significant cost savings to our clients.


We offer our clients an opportunity to customize our off-the-shelf syndicated reports at no additional cost. This provides our clients with precise intelligence, thereby saving their thousands of dollars in commissioning large consulting studies.

Customer Focus

Through our consulting service offerings, we offer clients 100% customized solutions for their research needs, which are not covered in our syndicated report offering or on-demand research. Clients get a fully customized research solution provided by industry experts and is backed by transparent research methodologies.


We offer rapid research services through which clients can get quick analysis of a company, industry, or topic of their choice as per pre-defined report structure. This offers clients the access to information specific to their needs at a low cost.






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