The Insight Partners Worldwide Affiliate Agent Program

Are you an Independent Consultant or Analyst or Reseller or Agent who loves working with clients to cater to their research requirement?

Then this program will serve you the best.

  • You will be able to make monetary benefits at zero cost.
  • You will have access to an exhaustive library of The Insight Partners report titles to cater to your client’s requirements.
  • You will become a part of our fast-growing worldwide network of affiliated agents.

Business Succcess

Access to our multitude of research reports encompassing possibly every industry under the sun Service from a dedicated team of consultants offering 24*7 research assistance

Skills Augmentation

Accredition program to our consultants and researchers to get enhanced skills with novel and challenging research and consulting projects

Sustained Growth and Market Leadership

We sport a strong database of company informations spread across several industries for precise mapping of competitive intelligence and competition landscape


Our partners will become a part of our fast-growing network of The Insight Partners, as well as future incentives in the form of training, customer engagement, and more.

Our Capabilities

Our Partner Program featuring our deep market experience provides our partners with an assurance to deliver the best market research solutions to clients with sustained profitability

  • GTM strategies
  • PLC assessment
  • Trade analysis
  • Patent and licensing analysis
  • Regulatory framework assessment and analysis
  • Product and player benchmarking
  • Sales statistics and forecast
  • Epidemiology study and analysis
  • Healthcare spending/expenditure analysis
  • Competitive mapping
  • Pipeline candidate assessment (stage 0 to IV),
  • Trade analysis
  • Market positioning and ranking
  • PESTLE & Porter’s five forces analysis
  • Abreast reports with latest market trends
  • Deep understanding of technology replacements, product approvals, acceptance and adoption trends
  • Technology Vs Products/Systems Analysis
  • Value chain and Supply chain assessment
  • Holistic understanding of standards and regulations
  • Products/components/OEMs analysis

Our Engagement Models

Full Time Engagement

Analyst Engagement

  • Dedicated team offering perpetual support, engagement with vendors for custom requirements, diligent team of primary researchers, and subject matter experts, etc
  • 24*7 analyst engagement and support

Periodic Reporting

  • Interval-based delivery of forecast, insights, competitive benchmarking, etc.
  • Real-time market monitoring
Project Based Engagement
(Ad hoc)

Full spectrum research customization on areas:

  • Market sizing and analysis
  • Competitive intelligence solutions
  • Growth planning and strategy
"We invite independent researcher agencies, vendors, Boutique market research firm, SMEs, key opinion leaders to become a part of this Program and earn high returns throughout the engagement lifecycle of their client service."

Earn interesting commission while you outsource your research work to us.

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