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Food and Beverages

Regional Expansion GTM - Barbeque Grills Market

Business Objectives:  To Identify the market size and average selling price for different products Wanted to grow business in Europe Market, the client wanted answers to a host of questions:  What is the market size of barbeque grills in Europe? [...]

Manufacturing and Construction

Opportunity Analysis - Industrial Workwear

Business Objectives:  To grow business in North America Market and the client wanted answers to the host of questions Which countries have the largest opportunities for industrial workwear? Map potential customers in the industry  [...]


Opportunity Analysis - Genomics

Business Objectives:  Client wanted to expand in emerging markets, the client wanted to gain insights on below: What can be a value-based approach related to product pricing  Which countries have highest potential in terms of penetrati [...]


Impact Analysis - Pharmaceutical Indust

Business Objectives:  Client wanted to understand the international trade patterns in the US pharmaceuticals industry to introduce dynamic policies in a European country, the client needed solutions to below set of questions:  What are the key stakeholders [...]

Healthcare IT

Market Expansion - Orthopedic Robots Market

Business Objectives:  Client was looking to understand the vendors ecosystem and market potential of Orthopedic Robots. Key questions that they wanted The Insight Partners to answer for them were:  Can AI optimize the manufacturing process, How ? [...]

Medical Device

Opportunity Analysis - Surgical Instruments

Business Objectives:  The client is one of the Tier 1 companies in the US market that manufactures Surgical Instruments. They were looking to expand their clientele across geographies and wanted to understand, who can be their key clients in different regions and countries where [...]

Manufacturing and Construction

Vendor Analysis - Valve Gates

Business Objectives:  The client is one of the big players in the Engineering products market in the European market working around water and gas distribution products. They were facing challenges with the high-cost vendors and lesser bargaining power in the market, which was eve [...]

Manufacturing and Construction

Market Assessment - Fire Protection System Market

Business Objectives:  The client was looking to assess different types and solutions on the Fire Protection Systems available in the market, and adoption trends across different industry at global level and initiatives at country level.  Findings and Outcome deliver [...]

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Competitive Intelligence - Video Interviewing Software Market

Business Objectives:  The client was looking to raise funding and needed to present their company to investors in a way that effectively demonstrated the market opportunity for their solution. The Insight Partners role was to position clients company in the quadrant with respect [...]

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Market Analysis - Learning Management System

Business Objectives:  Client was facing a significant challenge in expanding their business into Europe and the US. They were not familiar with the European market and lacked the necessary knowledge to make informed business decisions. When they approached The Insight Partners th [...]