Artichokes Market is expected to reach US$ 4,464.1 Mn in 2027

Published Date: 02 Jan 2020

Report : Artichokes Market to 2027 - Global Analysis and Forecasts By Origin (Organic, Conventional); Product Type (Globe Artichokes {Baby Anzio, Big Heart, Green Globe, Others}, Elongated Artichokes {Siena, Others}); Application (Liqueur, Food, Pharmaceutical, Others), and Geography

The growing demand of artichokes from the beverages industry is projected to escalate the Artichoke market at a CAGR of 4.4%


Latest market study on "Artichokes Market to 2027 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Origin (Organic and Conventional); Product Type (Globe Artichokes {Baby Anzio, Big Heart, Green Globe, Others} and Elongated Artichokes {Siena, Others}); Application (Liqueur, Food, Pharmaceutical, Others)", The global artichokes market is accounted to US$ 3,048.1 Mn in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.4% during the forecast period 2019 – 2027, to account to US$ 4,464.1 Mn by 2027. The report includes key understanding of the driving factors of this growth and also highlights the prominent players in the market and their developments.


Under the application segment, the food industry segment accounted for the largest share in the global artichokes market in 2018. Fresh or jarred artichokes are used in various cuisines especially in salads and pasta. They are also used in dips, tarts and as toppings in pizza or other food. They are boiled, steamed, grilled or roasted with sauces and flavors to make a variety of dishes especially in North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, and Armenia. There are many traditional and authenticate artichokes home recipes particularly made in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Ireland, and Egypt. For instance, a common Italian artichoke stuffing dish uses a mixture of bread crumbs, garlic, oregano, parsley, grated cheese, and prosciutto or sausage. Apart from this, artichokes are also used in many street foods in these countries. However, the seasonal availability of fresh artichokes has raised the demand for frozen or processed artichokes which is expected to open new avenues for artichokes manufacturers.


The artichoke plant is a type of thorn, enduring blooms, and individual from the sunflower family, which is, for the most part, developed in the nations circumscribing Mediterranean district. It is generally eaten when flower buds are immature. The tender base part of the bud is fruity delightful which is cooked and eaten. Increasing focus on health and novelty food consumption among the people is the main consideration of driving the worldwide artichoke market. Owing to its healthful advantages, which incorporate elevated levels of chromium, antioxidants, fiber, folate, magnesium, and nutrient C has raised its demand among consumers in recent years. In addition, a number of medical research has been conducted to discover the medicinal properties of artichokes. Growing demand from end-user industries such as food, beverages, personal care, and the pharmaceutical industry is expected to propel the growth of the market.


The market for global Artichoke is concentrated with some very well-established players. Some of the key players in the global artichokes market include Caprichos del Paladar, Agro T18 Italia Srl, Gaia Herbs, Master Fruit Srl, The Sa Marigosa Op, Ocean Mist, Herrawi Group, Ole, and among others.


               Global Artichokes Market - By Region Breakdown, 2018

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