Rising energy prices and the need for achieving operational efficiencies in the power generation sector to drive the adoptions of tunable diode laser analyzers whose market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 9.4%
Published Date : 01/01/2018

Report : Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer Market 2025 – Global Analysis and Forecasts by Measurement Type (In-situ and Extractive); Gas Analyzer Type (Oxygen analyzer, Ammonia analyzer, COx Analyzer, Moisture Analyzer, Hx Analyzer, CxHx Analyzer and Others) & Industry Application ( Power, Oil & Gas, Mining & Metal, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Cement and Others)

According to a new market research study titled 'Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Measurement Type, Gas Analyzer Type and Industry Application', the global tunable diode laser analyzer market was valued at US$ 345.6 Mn in 2016 and is estimated to reach US$ 772.4 n by 2025. The report highlights the trends prevalent in the global tunable diode laser analyzer market and the factors driving the market along with those that act as deterrents to its growth.

The energy prices are constantly on the rise along with the demands for energy. Industrialists are therefore looking out for optimizations in the manufacturing process at the energy industry. The other concern related to the generation of energy is the continuous emissions of harmful gases as a result of various combustion processes. As a result of both these factors, a need to control the air fuel ratio at the power generation plants has become increasingly important. Gas analyzers were previously being used as instruments that could monitor and control the air fuel ratio in the mixture and thereby reduce the harmful emissions considerably. However, higher maintenance costs as well as longer downtimes have resulted in the end-users searching for more compact, effective, efficient and a robust monitoring & controlling system.

Tunable Diode Laser Analyzers are instruments that are used in on-line gas analysis applications. Higher reliability, lower maintenance costs, lower downtimes, quicker responses, robust nature and high spectral resolutions coupled with accuracy makes the instrument as a vital tool in the gas measurement and monitoring industry finding applications in a broad range of industry sectors. Real-time performance monitoring, non-contact measurements, all-digital signal processing, web-based interface and connectivity are few unmatched characteristics of the TDLA instruments. Need to monitor & control the gas emissions at manufacturing and processing industries, environmental protection demands and reduction of operational costs in the process industry sector are few factors that have led to the increased implementations of these systems globally.

The global tunable diode laser analyzer market has been segmented on the basis of measurement type into tunnel car wash, in-bay automatics car wash and self-serve car wash. Tunable diode laser analyzers constitute of a number of gas analyzer type which have been subdivided into the following major categories named as oxygen analyzer, ammonia analyzer, COx analyzer, moisture analyzer, Hx analyzer, CxHx analyzer and others. Also, tunable diode laser analyzers find their industry based applications for power, oil & gas, mining & metal, fertilizers, chemicals, paper & pulp, cement and others. Geographically, the global tunable diode laser analyzer market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle East & Africa (MEA) and South America (SAM).

The power generation sector is expected to witness a rapid growth and drive the growth of tunable diode laser analyzers market. Players having a good hold over the tunable diode laser analyzers market can look to venture into providing solutions. The key players profiled in the report are ABB Ltd., Axetris AG, Boreal Laser Inc., Electric Emerson, General Electric Company and NEO Monitors AS. Also, Siemens AG, Unisearch Associates Inc., Yogokawa Electric Corporation and Mettler Toledo GmBH are other key companies in the Tunable Diode Laser Analyzer market.

The report segments the global tunable diode laser analyzer market as follows:

Global Tunable diode laser analyzer Market - By Measurement Type

Global Tunable diode laser analyzer Market - By Gas Analyzer Type
Oxygen Analyzer
Ammonia Analyzer
COx Analyzer
Moisture Analyzer
Hx Analyzer
CxHx Analyzer

Global Tunable diode laser analyzer Market - By Industry Application
Oil & Gas
Mining & Metal

Global Tunable diode laser analyzer Market - By Geography

North America
Rest of Europe
Asia Pacific (APAC)
Rest of APAC
Middle East & Africa (MEA)
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Rest of MEA
South America (SAM)
Rest of SAM