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Modular Construction - Revolutionizing Architectural Landscape


Modular construction is an emerging technique of building components or modules in a controlled assembly line, usually in a plant, using the same materials and conforming to the same norms and standards as conventionally built structures. These modules are put together on-site to mirror the architectural intent and requirements of the site-built building. Common materials used in building structures are either steel framing or wood. It may also include concrete or wooden flooring.

Modular vs Prefabricated:

Although the terms modular and prefabricated are interchangeable, there are subtle differences. Prefabricated (often referred to as prefab) is a much wider term, and modular is a type of prefab. In a prefabricated construction process, modules are manufactured and assembled beforehand in a plant and then shipped to the construction location. The construction of prefab modules in a factory setting helps eliminate several obstacles that might take place on the construction site. These obstacles include safety hazards and weather delays. In modular construction, repeated sections known as modules are manufactured in a factory and then assembled on-site. These modules usually constitute rooms of a specific building and are identical as they go through the same factory process. To conclude, modular building units are the parts merged intending to build prefabricated building structures.

Technologies Used:

The modular building components or modules are designed to fit the building layout. As these components or modules cannot be easily rearranged on-site, several precise design practices and construction techniques are implemented.

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