Latest market study on "Drain Cleaning Equipment Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Product Type (Hand Tools, Sink Machine, Sectional Machine, Drum Machine, Rodders and Jetters); Power Source (Hand Operated, Fuel Powered, Gas Powered, Electric); End-use (Professional and D-I-Y) and Sales Channel (Online, Retail and Distributor)- Global Analysis and Forecast?, the drain cleaning equipment market is US$ 573.7 million in 2016 and is estimated to reach US$ 936.2 million by 2025. The report includes key understanding on the driving factors of this growth and also highlights the prominent players in the market and their developments.

Drain cleaning equipment market by end-user vertical is segmented into professional and do - it -yourself (DIY). The professional drain cleaning tools are those that are used by the people who work as a professional drain cleaner or the municipalities. These drain cleaning equipment and their accessories are designed according to the professional need and thus are more efficient and robust. Whereas the The DIY drain cleaning equipment are handy and designed for unclogging smaller drains. These machines are majorly used by the non - professional customer base, and used for sink and shower drains. They are compact and easy to user drain cleaning machines.

The drain cleaning equipment have evolved from the mechanical drain cleaner equipment that were used in the earlier days which proved to be quite labor intensive while functioning. The early machines were powered manually and are today being replaced by motors to make it time efficient and less labor-intensive task.

There has been constant development in drain cleaning equipment through the government sector. The government institutions across the globe are also focusing upon developing an economical and environment friendly sewage systems. For instance, in U.S the Saskatchewan government has taken up an initiative to educate the boaters and other recreational water users to clean drains, watercrafts and equipment in order to spread the awareness regarding clean and sustainable environment. Furthermore, in India the government has been taking several initiatives to promote cleanliness of water bodies, for instance NDA government in the country had issued global invitation for scientists, firms to showcase their technologies for cleaning drains that ultimately fall into the river. Such initiative by the local government, are anticipated to increase the utility of effective drain cleaners in the society.

Some of the leading EFSS market players are Spartan Tool, LLC, Ridgid, Gorlitz Sewer & Drain, Inc., Goodway Technologies Corp., General Wire Spring Company, Aussie Pump, Duracable Manufacturers Company, Nilfisk group, Flowplant Group Inc. and Electric Eel Manufacturers, among others.

The report segments the global Drain Cleaning Equipment market as follows:

Global Drain Cleaning Equipment Market - By Product Type

Hand Tools
Sink Machine
Sectional Machines
Drum / Continuous Cable Machine

Global Drain Cleaning Equipment Market - By Hand Tools

Global Drain Cleaning Equipment Market - By Power Sources

Hand Operated
Fuel Powered
Gas Powered

Global Drain Cleaning Equipment Market - By End - Use

Do-it-Yourself (D-I-Y)

Global Drain Cleaning Equipment Market - By Sales Channel


Global Drain Cleaning Equipment Market - By Geography

North America

Rest of Europe

Asia Pacific (APAC)
Rest of APAC

Middle East & Africa (MEA)
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Rest of MEA

South America (SA)
Rest of SA