Europe Aerosol Paints Market is expected to reach US$ 4.49 billion by 2031

PRESS RELEASE BY The Insight Partners 30 Apr 2024

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Rising Demand from Automotive Industry and the Growing Trend of DIY Propels Europe Aerosol Paints Market Growth

According to the latest market study on “Europe Aerosol Paints Market Forecast to 2031 – Regional Share, Trend, and Growth Opportunity Analysis – by Raw Material, Technology, and Application,” the market was valued at US$ 2.98 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach US$ 4.49 billion by 2031; it is anticipated to record a CAGR of 5.3% from 2023 to 2031. The report highlights key factors contributing to the Europe aerosol paints market size and prominent players, along with their developments in the market.

Aerosol paints, also known as spray paints, are widely used to increase the shelf life of wood, metal, and plastic components. These paints consist of pigments, binders, solvents, and propellants, which are mixed to create a uniform liquid that can be atomized and sprayed through a nozzle when the valve is activated. Aerosol paints are commonly used for a wide range of applications, including automotive refinishing, industrial coatings, household projects, and artistic endeavors. The key advantages of aerosol paints are their convenience and ease of use. The spray canister eliminates the need for brushes or rollers, allowing users to apply paint quickly and evenly to various surfaces, including those with complex shapes or textures. This makes aerosol paints particularly popular for touch-up work, small-scale projects, or areas where traditional painting methods may be impractical or time-consuming.

Europe Aerosol Paints Market Breakdown – by Region

Europe Aerosol Paints Market Breakdown – by Region

Europe Aerosol Paints Market Size and Growth | 2031

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Europe Aerosol Paints Market Size and Forecast (2021 - 2031), Regional Share, Trend, and Growth Opportunity Analysis Report Coverage: By Raw Material (Acrylic, Alkyd, Epoxy, Polyurethane, and Others), Technology (Solvent-Borne and Water-Borne), and Application [Construction Industry, Automotive & Transportation (OEM and Refinish), Wood & Furniture Industry, Packaging, Arts & Crafts, DIY Home Improvement, and Others]

Aerosol paints offer excellent coverage and adhesion properties, resulting in smooth, durable finishes that resist chipping, fading, and weathering. They are available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and formulations to suit different requirements and preferences. For instance, high-gloss aerosol paints are commonly used for automotive bodywork, while matte or satin finishes are preferred for furniture refinishing or decorative applications.

The Europe aerosol paints market trends include the rising demand for sustainable aerosol paint solutions from the automotive industry. As Europe’s automotive sector continues to expand, driven by factors such as increasing consumer demand, technological advancements, and government incentives for electric and hybrid vehicles, the need for high-quality coatings for cars, trucks, and motorcycles is expected to grow. Aerosol paints play a crucial role in the automotive industry due to their convenience, versatility, and ability to deliver professional quality finishes. They are widely used for touch-up work, minor repairs, and customizations such as color-matching, detailing, and graphics applications. Additionally, aerosol paints are commonly employed for refinishing purposes, including repainting damaged or weathered vehicle surfaces to restore their appearance and protect against corrosion. Furthermore, as automotive manufacturers and repair shops seek to streamline operations and reduce turnaround times, aerosol paints offer a practical solution by simplifying the painting process. With aerosol paints, technicians can quickly and efficiently apply coatings to specific areas or components without the need for specialized equipment or extensive setup, saving time and labor costs.

The aerosol paints provide a film hardness, high-quality finish, UV protection, and gasoline resistance that make them suitable for the exterior and interiors of a vehicle. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA), EU new car sales surged by almost 14%, totaling 10.5 million units in 2023. Further, the volume of battery-electric cars surpassed 1.5 million units, indicating a substantial increase of 37% compared to 2022. Thus, the growing production and sales of vehicles in Europe propels the demand for aerosol paints in the automotive industry, ultimately driving the Europe aerosol paints market.

The rising adoption of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects is also contributing to the growth of the Europe aerosol paints market. People across the region are increasingly using these paints to modernize or reinvent their furniture, which helps them save costs. The frames of windows and doors in homes can become worn over a long period, and their colors can also be bleached from UV rays. The wooden frames can become coarse and untidy. The bottom of doorframes gets scuffed due to constant footfall. Thus, aerosol paints provide a dual-purpose fix as they repair and modify the window and doorframes and provide a new look to the furniture. In addition, the usage of aerosol paints helps eliminate the cost of purchasing new frames. Doors tend to have marks and scrapes due to prolonged use, and their style also goes out of fashion after some period, making repairs costly.

The rising adoption of DIY activities has encouraged manufacturers to launch various aerosol paints to cater to the increasing consumer demand. For instance, in April 2022, Akzo Nobel N.V. launched the Dulux Simply Refresh spray paint collection for the DIY paints category. They utilized the unique low splatter and low drip technology in the newly launched aerosol paints. Further, aerosol paints can also be used for making various art and craft products. They can be used to paint the gates and fences. Murals are also painted using aerosol paints or applied directly on a wall, ceiling, or other permanent surfaces. The aerosol paints significantly affect the wall art and are also easy to use with stencils. Thus, the increasing use of aerosol paints for DIY purposes will most likely drive the Europe aerosol paints market growth in the coming years.

The Europe aerosol paints market analysis is carried out by identifying and evaluating key players in the market across different regions. The Sherwin-Williams Co, PPG Industries Inc, RPM International Inc, Kobra Paint-Spray Art Technologies, European Aerosols Group B.V., TECHNIMA GROUP, WRX Trade Brands, Black Country Paints Ltd, Peter Kwasny GmbH, and TA Paints Ltd are among the key players profiled in the Europe aerosol paints market report.

Europe Aerosol Paints Market Segmentation:

The market is segmented on the basis of raw materials, technology, and application. Based on raw material, the Europe aerosol paints market is segmented into acrylic, alkyd, polyurethane, and others. On the basis of technology, the market is bifurcated into solvent-based and water-borne. In terms of application, the Europe aerosol paints market is segmented into the construction industry, automotive & transportation (OEM and refinish), wood & furniture industry, packaging, arts & crafts, DIY home improvement, and others. The geographic scope of the Europe aerosol paints market report focuses on Europe (Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Russia, Spain, and the Rest of Europe). In terms of revenue, Germany dominated the Europe aerosol paints market share.

Based on technology, the water-borne segment held the largest Europe aerosol paints market share in 2023. Water-borne aerosol paints are formulated with a water-based solution rather than a traditional solvent or oil-based solution. The use of a water-soluble solution makes it less toxic and better for the environment as compared to traditional oil or solvent based aerosol paints. Water-based aerosol paints are used for canvas art, graffiti and street art, arts & crafts, DIY, fine art, and many other applications. Various advantages of using water-based aerosol paint as an alternative to solvent based formulas are boosting its demand from various applications. Water-based aerosol paint reduces the need to wear a mask as the formula they’re made from is nontoxic. It does not let off toxic fumes and nasty chemicals as traditional solvent-based formulas do. Also, they have little to no odor and are free from toxins. Thus, all these factors are driving the growth of the Europe aerosol paints market.

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