Fishing Footwear Market is expected to reach US$ 848.80 million by 2030

PRESS RELEASE BY The Insight Partners 09 Jan 2024

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Strategic Initiatives by Key Market Players Drive Global Fishing Footwear Market Growth

According to the latest market study on “Fishing Footwear Market Forecast to 2030 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis – by Product Type, Category, and End Use," the fishing footwear market size was valued at US$ 508.21 million in 2022 and is expected to reach US$ 848.80 million by 2030; it is estimated to register a CAGR of 6.6% from 2022 to 2030. The report highlights key factors driving the market growth and prominent players along with their developments in the market.

Fishing footwear primarily provides protection and comfort while fishing. They help keep the feet dry, provide traction on slippery surfaces, and offer support during long hours of fishing. The rise in fishing activities has created lucrative opportunities for the fishing footwear market. Fishing footwear also aids in the prevention of blisters and other foot injuries caused by prolonged standing or walking in wet conditions. Protective fishing boots are helpful in preventing unwanted piercings from hooks, gaffs, and other fishing-related injury. Fishing footwear is designed to repel water and other liquids to provide comfort while fishing. A growth in recreational and commercial fishing activities creates a huge demand for fishing footwear. Fishing footwear offers different advantages and high levels of protection to fishermen.

Global Fishing Footwear Market Breakdown – by Region

Global Fishing Footwear Market Breakdown – by Region

Fishing Footwear Market Share, Size, and Growth|2030

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Fishing Footwear Market Size and Forecast (2020 - 2030), Global and Regional Share, Trend, and Growth Opportunity Analysis Report Coverage: By Product Type (Boots, Shoes, and Others), Category (Men and Women), and End Use (Residential/Recreational and Commercial)

The rising interest in fishing as an outdoor activity, along with the booming commercial fishing industry, is providing a strong growth platform to the manufacturers of fishing footwear across the globe. Therefore, the manufacturers of fishing footwear are launching innovative products with enhanced performance to meet the rising demand and achieve a competitive advantage over other players operating in the fishing footwear market. For instance, in January 2023, Douglas Gill International Limited, a US-based company fishing apparel and footwear company, launched a new collection of high-performing fishing deck boots that are waterproof and have a sticky grip, rugged durability, and comfortable cushioning. The shoes are specially designed for heavy-duty, demanding days on and off the water. The boots are available in two new styles—Hydro Short Boots and Hydro Mid Boots. They are available to consumers across North America through the official website of the company and its retail partners. Similarly, in March 2021, Grundéns LLC, a significant manufacturer of fishing footwear and apparel, launched its spring collection with a new line of shoes under the brand name “SeaKnit Boat Shoe.” SeaKnit boat shoes provide anglers with superior performance and fit. They are designed with 100% seamless knit uppers, polyurethane (PU) overlay, which provides light water resistance on wet surfaces, and a non-marking gum rubber outsole with razor-cut siping for superior traction on the water.

Shimano Singapore Pte Ltd, Grundens LLC, Aftco Manufacturing Co Inc, Huk Gear, Korkers Products LLC, Bryant Sales Co LLC, Guntersville Breathables Inc, Pelagic Inc, Vista Outdoor Inc, and Rocky Brands Inc are among the key players in the global fishing footwear market.  

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Fishing Footwear Market Growth

During the COVID-19 pandemic, disruptions in consumer goods manufacturing operations significantly impacted global supply chains and hindered product manufacturing activities, delivery schedules, and sales. Various consumer goods companies reported product delivery delays and sales slump in 2020. Moreover, restrictions on international travel imposed by governments of various countries across the globe compelled manufacturers and suppliers to temporarily discontinue their business strategies, such as partnerships. All these factors hampered many sectors during the pandemic and restrained the growth of the consumer goods industry. During the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, raw material and labor shortages, and operational difficulties created demand and supply gaps, adversely affecting the growth of the fishing footwear market.

In 2020, supply chain shortages, increased labor costs, and high demand for raw materials resulted in price inflation of materials required in the consumer goods industry across various regions. In 2021, rising vaccination rates contributed to improvements in the overall condition of infected patients in different countries, which led to a conducive environment for industries. By the end of 2021, the developments in the fishing footwear market were witnessed with the resumption of production and sales operations of companies operating in the industry.

The "Global Fishing Footwear Market Analysis and Forecast to 2030” is a specialized and in-depth study of the consumer goods industry, focusing on the global fishing footwear market trend analysis. The report aims to provide an overview of the market with detailed market segmentation. The global fishing footwear market is segmented on the basis of product type, category, and end-use. In terms of product type, the market is segmented into boots, shoes, and others. The boots designed for fishing primarily provide protection and comfort for anglers while fishing. They also help keep the feet dry, provide traction on slippery surfaces, and provide support during long hours of fishing. For anglers who catch fish from shore, structure, or on a boat, ankle boots are best suited. However, they do not cover as much of legs as knee boots but provide coverage and offer sufficient traction when a boat's deck takes on water. In terms of category, the market is divided into men and women. Men's fishing footwear products are available in different styles, designs, and features. There are so many brands in the market that offer different types of footwear for men for a range of fishing applications. The demand for men's fishing footwear is increasing with the growing participation of men in fishing activities. Based on end use, the market is bifurcated into residential/ recreational and commercial. In residential/recreational fishing, footwear is used as it provides full protection from water and weather, improved levels of comfort and support, increased stability and traction, and optimizes temperature regulation. The demand for fishing footwear for recreational purposes is increasing continuously with the growing number of people participating in recreational fishing activities. In many countries across the globe, the popularity of recreational fishing is increasing as it promotes physical and mental well-being and offers a chance to connect with nature.

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