North America Distilled Water Market is expected to reach US$ 134.64 Million by 2031

PRESS RELEASE BY The Insight Partners 27 May 2024

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Increasing Demand from Various End-Use Industries Drives the North America Distilled Water Market

According to the latest market study on “North America Distilled Water Market Forecast to 2031 – Country Share, Trend, and Growth Opportunity Analysis – by Application,” the market was valued at US$ 98.50 million in 2023 and is projected to reach US$ 134.64 million by 2031; it is anticipated to record a CAGR of 4.0% from 2023 to 2031. The report highlights key factors contributing to the North America distilled water market size and prominent players, along with their developments in the market.

Distilled water is water produced by the distillation process, often categorized as a type of bottled water. Distillation is an effective and reliable conventional water treatment process that removes impurities using heat, eliminating 99.9% of contaminants such as bacteria, heavy metals, viruses, and minerals. A few water distillers include multiple effects, vapor compression, and a clean steam generator. Multiple effects: Feed water is evaporated in a sequence of vessels, each at a lower temperature than the last. Vapor compression: Feed water is evaporated using compressed vapor as the heat source. Clean steam generator: Feed water is evaporated into pure steam for equipment sterilization and other applications.

North America Distilled Water Breakdown – by Region

North America Distilled Water Breakdown – by Region

North America Distilled Water Market Size and Forecast by 2031

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North America Distilled Water Market Size and Forecast (2021 - 2031) Regional Share, Trend, and Growth Opportunity Analysis Report Coverage: by Application (Drinking Water, Automotive Cooling Systems and Batteries, Medical, Personal Care and Cosmetics, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Biological Laboratories, and Others) and Country

In the past few years, several studies have been conducted on solar distillation systems to improve their performance and cost-effectiveness. Basin-type solar water distillation is a promising renewable technology for producing fresh water. These systems are categorized by their simple design, ease of operation, low maintenance costs, and safety. However, due to their reliance on solar radiation, the intermittency of solar radiation affects performance. Various studies have been conducted to improve their performance and production.

Distilled water is available as a commercially produced product. Several emerging technologies are revolutionizing water distillation, addressing efficiency, sustainability, and accessibility concerns. Government grants generally target areas with unmet needs or innovation in specific sectors. The governments of several nations are increasingly focusing on ensuring access to clean drinking water in public water infrastructure. The Environmental Protection Agency sets regulations and funds states and municipalities to improve public water infrastructure. The rising water quality concerns, advancement in manufacturing technology, and market dynamics are projected to drive the North America distilled water market growth.

Distilled water is known for its purity, making it vital across diverse industries such as automotive, food & beverages, and chemical & biological laboratories where water quality is paramount. In the automotive sector, distilled water is used in cooling systems to prevent mineral deposits and corrosion, ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity. Similarly, in the food & beverages industry, distilled water is a key ingredient in products requiring precise formulations, such as soft drinks, beer, and distilled spirits, where impurities can impact the taste, texture, and shelf life.

In chemical & biological laboratories, experimental results' accuracy and reliability rely on using ultra-pure water. Distilled water is preferred in various laboratory applications, including analytical chemistry, microbiology, and molecular biology, where even trace impurities can twist findings or compromise experiments. Whether used as a solvent, reagent, or for equipment calibration, distilled water provides researchers and scientists with a consistent and contaminant-free medium for their work.

In electronic manufacturing, distilled water is essential for cleaning and rinsing semiconductor components to remove contaminants and ensure product reliability. Similarly, distilled water is used in drug formulation, equipment sterilization, and quality control measures in pharmaceutical production to comply with stringent regulatory standards and uphold product safety and efficacy. As industries in the US and Mexico embrace technological advancement and strive for operational excellence, the role of distilled water as a critical component in manufacturing processes becomes increasingly pronounced. Thus, increasing demand from various end-use industries drives the growth of the North America distilled water market. Moreover, the increasing demand for distilled water from the personal care and cosmetics industry is expected to be one of the significant factors North America distilled water market trends.  

The North America distilled water market analysis is carried out by identifying and evaluating key players in the market across different countries. Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., ESG Clean Energy LLC, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Merck KGaA, Primo Water Corp, Boston BioProducts, Snugell LLC, Misty Mountain Spring Water LLC, MACHEREY-NAGEL GmbH & Co KG, and Hayden Water Co are among the key players profiled in the North America distilled water market report.

North America Distilled Water Segmentation:

Based on application, the market is segmented into drinking water, automotive cooling systems and batteries, medical, personal care and cosmetics, food and beverage, chemical and biological laboratories, and others. The medical segment held the largest North America distilled water market share in 2023. Distilled water is highly preferred in medical contexts due to its high purity for diluting solutions in autoclaves and while performing experiments. Distilled water is used for sterilizing medical instruments, as it does not leave deposits or residue owing to the high purity level. Distilled water is used mainly by emergency personnel to clean wounds and by surgeons to sterilize and prevent infections and cross-contamination. Surgeons use distilled water to decontaminate their hands and arms before surgery. Dentists use distilled water to rinse the mouth and wash away bacteria. Distilled water also finds application in continuous positive airway pressure machines, as it prevents bacteria from breeding. Thus, all these factors drive the North America distilled water market growth for the medical segment.

The geographic scope of the North America distilled water market report focuses on North America (the US, Canada, and Mexico). In terms of revenue, the US dominated the North America distilled water market share in 2023.

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