The Electronics integrations in the manufacturing sector of different industry verticals to create more revenue generation opportunities for players in the Semiconductor IP market which is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 11.9%

According to a new market research study titled ‘Semiconductor IP Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Type, Source & Industry Vertical, global market accounted to US$ 3,346.1 Mn in 2017 and is also estimated to reach US$ 8,265.6 Mn by 2025. The report highlights the trends prevalent in the global Semiconductor IP market and the factors driving the market along with those that act as deterrents to its growth.

In the twenty first century, the upcoming electronic and semiconductor technologies are paving way for automation to be introduced heavily in the manufacturing sector. Over the past two decades, automation in manufacturing has been a constant factor leading to transformation in the factory floor operations, manufacturing employment, as well as the dynamics of the manufacturing sector on a whole. Current trends that are buzzing in the manufacturing sector such as robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have enabled the machines to match or even outpace humans in a range of activities including the cognitive activities that are required at various levels of manufacturing. An increased productivity ranging between 10-20% is observed when automation is integrated on any lean assembly line. Further, Industry 4.0 is another buzzing trend that is anticipated to take up the manufacturing sector in the coming years. The advent of Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that would utilize the powers of collaborative robots, and automated guided vehicles is further anticipated to drive productivity in the manufacturing sector.

The market for Semiconductor IP globally has been segmented into three major segments including type, source and industry vertical. There a numerous semiconductor IPs available in the market that fall in different categories. These different IP blocks have been made available in order to satiate the demands of the end-users for different applications and varying intensity levels. Broadly, the IP blocks are categorized under the following segments namely processor SIP, interface SIP, physical SIP, analog SIP, and others. Further, the semiconductor IP players derive their revenues through charging licensing fees and royalty fees from their customers. Therefore, the market has been bifurcated on the basis of source of revenue earned by the players into license, and royalty fees.

South Korea, Taiwan, and China are expected to remain the leading three semiconductor manufacturing equipment markets in 2018, with South Korea emerging as the top spot with highest growth rate. S. Korea is substantially the largest semiconductor manufacturing hub with more than 55% of memory production capacity and highest fab investment. Further, China offers accelerated growth opportunities in semiconductor industry, accounting for more than 50% of total sales last year and is expected to grow further in near future. The government of country is taking several initiatives in terms of making country independent with regard to the semiconductor industry. One of the challenges that Chinese industries are facing is that the government is offering substantial incentives for companies to use in-house (Chinese) products at all possible situations. This may impact the percentage of growth from semiconductor companies in other parts of the world offsetting some of the impact on the cycle. The top companies operating in the field of Semiconductor IP include Cadence Design Systems, Sonics, ARM Holdings, Verisilicon, Rambus, Ceva, Imagination Technologies, Synopsys, Ememory Technology, and Lattice Semiconductor among others. Various other companies operating in the market and are coming up with new technologies and offerings which is helping the market for Semiconductor IP to expand over the years in terms of revenue and subscription.

The report segments the global Semiconductor IP market as follows:

Global Semiconductor IP Market – By Type

Processor SIP
Interface SIP
Physical SIP
Analog SIP

Global Semiconductor IP Market – By Source

Global Semiconductor IP Market – By Industry Vertical


Global Semiconductor IP Market – By Geography

North America




Asia Pacific (APAC)

South Korea
Rest of APAC

Rest of the World (RoW)

South America

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