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Smart Robots Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Applications and Components

Publication Month: Jul 2018 | No. of Pages: 150 | Report Code: TIPTE100000116 | Category: Electronics and Semiconductor | Status: Upcoming
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  • Smart robots have substituted man in execution of tasks that are either dangerous or repetitive, where man is in capable of performing owing to body limitations, or tasks that occur in extreme environments such as outer space or the bottom of the sea. Additionally, smart robots are designed to carry out specific tasks for personal, professional, and industrial applications such as elderly assistance, pool cleaning, and robotic pets among others. Smart robots make use of artificial intelligence (AI) and are operational without the need of human inputs. Smart robots can work independently on a specified task and can also work in tandem with human beings in various service and industrial applications.

    The global smart robot market is segmented on the basis of application into service robots and industrial robots. Further, the service robots are sub-segmented into professional service robots and personal service robots. Furthermore, professional service robots are used across security & defense, logistics, firefighting, medical, demining, maintenance, inspection, and various other applications, while personal service robots are used across household, leisure, and entertainment applications. Industrial robots are further sub-segmented on the basis of their applications into beverages, food, electronics, and automotive segments. In addition, the global smart robot market is segmented on the basis of components into software and hardware.

    Within the professional service robot segment, medical domain has been a key growth segment where there is a growing demand for smart hospital delivery and robot surgeons. Comparatively, industrial robots are more popular than service robots and these are anticipated to drive the smart robots market during the forecast period. Moreover, the growth in the deployment of smart robots in the education sector is expected to be a promising prospect for the smart robot vendors.

    The noteworthy drivers of smart robots market include adoption of smart robots by e-commerce sector, growing demand from the healthcare industry, the increasing domestic service sector, and the rising demand of robots for elderly assistance. The growing service robot segment is a fundamental part of the advanced computer industry and much of the processing unit, sensor technology, and software is developed by smart robot manufacturers. Contrariwise, the smart robots market is hindered by high initial investment associated with the research & development department activities and reduced pace of commercialization of this technology. Further, the smart robots can be a threat if there is an error in the software algorithm embedded in them. This can have a negative impact, harm the surrounding environment and act as a major hindrance to the market. Additionally, the utilization of smart robots in manufacturing vertical is resulting in growing unemployment problem. These factors are anticipated to restrict the global smart robots market.

    Europe and North America are the biggest markets for smart robots and are driven by rapid commercialization and the progress of their manufacturing industry. Additionally, the early acceptance of technology in these geographies has encouraged the smart robot market to prosper at a brisk rate. On the contrary, it is expected that Asia Pacific (APAC) would be the front-runner, registering fastest growth rate due to significant technological advancements. Additionally, the present boom in the automotive sector is predicted to drive the smart robots markets in APAC. Within APAC, service robots market demand is likely to grow in countries such as China and India owing to the advancements in the manufacturing sector. Some of the key players in the global smart robots market are Aethon Inc., Lely Group, Irobot Corp., Northrop Grumman Corp., Google Inc., Intuitive Surgical Inc., Delaval Group, Honda Motor Co. Ltd.,Amazon.Com, KUKA AG, ABB Ltd., Fanuc Corp., ECA Group, Gecko systems Intl. Corp., Yaskawa Electric Corp., Adept Technology Inc., and Bluefin Robotics Corp.

    1 Table of Contents

    1.1 List of Tables
    1.2 List of Figures

    2 Introduction

    2.1 TIP Research Report Guidance

    3 Key Takeaways

    4 Smart Robot Market Landscape

    4.1 Overview
    4.2 Definitions
    4.3 Value Chain Analysis

    5 Smart Robot Market – Key Industry Dynamics

    5.1 Key Market Drivers
    5.2 Key Market Restraints
    5.3 Key Market Opportunities
    5.4 Future Trends

    6 Smart Robot Market – Five Forces Analysis

    6.1 Overview
    6.2 Global Smart Robot Market – Five Forces Analysis

    7 Global Smart Robot Market Analysis

    7.1 Global Sales Revenue and Forecasts to 2025
    7.2 Global Smart Robot Market, Competitive Landscape
    7.2.1 Market Share or Market Positioning of Key Players, 2014

    8 Global Smart Robot Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 – Applications

    8.1 Overview
    8.1.1 Segment Share (%), 2014 & 2025
    8.2 Service Robots
    8.3 Industrial Robots

    9 Global Smart Robot Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 – Components

    9.1 Overview
    9.1.1 Segment Share (%), 2014 & 2025
    9.2 Software
    9.3 Hardware

    10 Global Smart Robot Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 – Geographical Analysis

    10.1 Overview
    10.1.1 Segment Share (%), 2014 & 2025
    10.2 North America
    10.2.1 U.S.
    10.2.2 Canada
    10.2.3 Mexico
    10.3 Europe
    10.3.1 France
    10.3.2 Germany
    10.3.3 Italy
    10.3.4 Spain
    10.3.5 UK
    10.3.6 Rest of Europe
    10.4 Asia Pacific (APAC)
    10.4.1 Japan
    10.4.2 China
    10.4.3 India
    10.4.4 Australia
    10.4.5 Rest of APAC
    10.5 Middle East & Africa (MEA)
    10.5.1 Saudi Arabia
    10.5.2 UAE
    10.5.3 South Africa
    10.5.4 Rest of MEA
    10.6 South America (SAM)
    10.6.1 Brazil
    10.6.2 Rest of SAM

    11 Global Smart Robot Market, Key Company Profiles

    11.1 Aethon Inc.
    11.1.1 Key Facts
    11.1.2 Business Description
    11.1.3 Financial Overview
    11.1.4 SWOT Analysis
    11.1.5 Key Developments
    11.2 Lely Group
    11.2.1 Key Facts
    11.2.2 Business Description
    11.2.3 Financial Overview
    11.2.4 SWOT Analysis
    11.2.5 Key Developments
    11.3 Irobot Corp.
    11.3.1 Key Facts
    11.3.2 Business Description
    11.3.3 Financial Overview
    11.3.4 SWOT Analysis
    11.3.5 Key Developments
    11.4 Northrop Grumman Corp.
    11.4.1 Key Facts
    11.4.2 Business Description
    11.4.3 Financial Overview
    11.4.4 SWOT Analysis
    11.4.5 Key Developments
    11.5 Google Inc.
    11.5.1 Key Facts
    11.5.2 Business Description
    11.5.3 Financial Overview
    11.5.4 SWOT Analysis
    11.5.5 Key Developments
    11.6 Intuitive Surgical Inc.
    11.6.1 Key Facts
    11.6.2 Business Description
    11.6.3 Financial Overview
    11.6.4 SWOT Analysis
    11.6.5 Key Developments
    11.7 Delaval Group
    11.7.1 Key Facts
    11.7.2 Business Description
    11.7.3 Financial Overview
    11.7.4 SWOT Analysis
    11.7.5 Key Developments
    11.8 Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
    11.8.1 Key Facts
    11.8.2 Business Description
    11.8.3 Financial Overview
    11.8.4 SWOT Analysis
    11.8.5 Key Developments
    11.9 Amazon.Com
    11.9.1 Key Facts
    11.9.2 Business Description
    11.9.3 Financial Overview
    11.9.4 SWOT Analysis
    11.9.5 Key Developments
    11.10 KUKA AG
    11.10.1Key Facts
    11.10.2Business Description
    11.10.3Financial Overview
    11.10.4SWOT Analysis
    11.10.5Key Developments
    11.11 ABB Ltd.
    11.11.1Key Facts
    11.11.2Business Description
    11.11.3Financial Overview
    11.11.4SWOT Analysis
    11.11.5Key Developments
    11.12 Fanuc Corp.
    11.12.1Key Facts
    11.12.2Business Description
    11.12.3Financial Overview
    11.12.4SWOT Analysis
    11.12.5Key Developments
    11.13 ECA Group
    11.13.1Key Facts
    11.13.2Business Description
    11.13.3Financial Overview
    11.13.4SWOT Analysis
    11.13.5Key Developments
    11.14 Geckosystems Intl. Corp.
    11.14.1Key Facts
    11.14.2Business Description
    11.14.3Financial Overview
    11.14.4SWOT Analysis
    11.14.5Key Developments
    11.15 Yaskawa Electric Corp.
    11.15.1Key Facts
    11.15.2Business Description
    11.15.3Financial Overview
    11.15.4SWOT Analysis
    11.15.5Key Developments
    11.16 Adept Technology Inc.
    11.16.1Key Facts
    11.16.2Business Description
    11.16.3Financial Overview
    11.16.4SWOT Analysis
    11.16.5Key Developments
    11.17 Bluefin Robotics Corp
    11.17.1Key Facts
    11.17.2Business Description
    11.17.3Financial Overview
    11.17.4SWOT Analysis
    11.17.5Key Developments

    12 Appendix

    12.1 About TIP
    12.2 Glossary of Terms
    12.3 Methodology
    12.3.1 Coverage
    12.3.2 Secondary Research
    12.3.3 Primary Research
    12.4 Contact Us
    12.5 Disclaimer

    Companies Mentioned

    - Aethon Inc.
    - Lely Group
    - Irobot Corp.
    - Northrop Grumman Corp.
    - Google Inc.
    - Intuitive Surgical Inc.
    - Delaval Group
    - Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
    - Amazon.Com
    - KUKA AG
    - ABB Ltd.
    - Fanuc Corp.
    - ECA Group
    - Geckosystems Intl. Corp.
    - Yaskawa Electric Corp.
    - Adept Technology Inc.
    - Bluefin Robotics Corp